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Enhanced analog video receiver module with OSD overlay and capability of Crossfire connectivity

A Fusion of the best: The image processing developed by BrainFPV, the OSD and UI by Achilles, and the hardware engineered and manufactured by TBS. When the brightest minds of the FPV industry work together, being the best at merging two analog video streams was simply not good enough!

Through active video fusion, the displayed video instantly has less breakup and more range, without color-deterioration or video desync often experienced at the edge of reception. A state-of-the-art OSD engine drives cutting edge interactivity, while reducing the need for on board OSD. The TBS Fusion both raises the bar at reception quality and paves the way for system-wide integration with TBS Crossfire and other devices. 

In a nutshell, the TBS Fusion has more range, better signal in indoor or other critical environments, and ultimate compatibility with your Crossfire radio link. The included lap timer and spectator modes for staying freestyle- or race-events are an added bonus!


Currently in alpha stage, the Crossfire integration promises a seamless user experience for any FPV pilot. The first stage will see synchronized VRx/VTx channel changes and ability to modify any CRSF device setting via your goggles (Crossfire, Unify Pro/Pro32, compatible Flight Controllers, etc). The second phase will add interactivity on levels never seen before. Exciting times are ahead, and in the usual TBS way, the hardware is already built to be compatible with future software updates and future products.

TBS Fusion Manual here.


Compatibility: Fatshark Dominator V1, V2, V3, HD1, HD2, HD3, HDO

External Power Kit: Included. Required for older goggles that can't deliver enough power, or for connectivity

RF Sensitivity: -96dBm

Power: 5V @ 340mA, 500mAh with connectivity enabled

Fatshark Attitude compatibility: will require trimming of goggle plastic case to fit

Upgrade with: TBS Agent X V1.21 or higher

Collaboration with: BrainFPV (video fusion), AchillesFPV (UI), TBS (hardware)

Package included:

1 x TBS Fusion Module

1 x Cover and Button (Black)

1 x Power Mod PCB

2 x Power Mod Ribbon Cable

1 x 90d SMA Adapter

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TBS Fusion 5G8 Receiver Module For Goggles

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  • Produkta kods: Fusion
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