• VIFLY StoreSafe - Smart LiPo Battery Discharger (XT60)

Intelligently Discharging LiPo Battery to Storage Voltage

Never keep your battery at the full voltage considering the safety issue and battery life. VIFLY StoreSafe would be the best solution to discharge and maintain your lipo batteries. With the advanced algorithm and built-in temperature sensor, VIFLY StoreSafe lipo battery discharger can intelligently adjust the discharge speed according to the battery voltage and unit temperature. It ensures the highest discharge rate in an appropriate temperature range.

Heatsink to Cool Down the Discharger

In addition to the built-in temperature sensor to control the unit temp, the heatsink would effectively dissipate the heat to prevent the discharger from overheating.

Automatically Identity 2S to 6S Batteries

VIFLY StoreSafe lipo discharger can be compatible with 2S to 6S batteries. When plug in, VIFLY StoreSafe would recognize the battery type automatically, no need to do any extra setting to select different battery types, so simple and convenient.

Easy-to-use, Plug-in and Leave it Alone

The StoreSafe will stop discharging when your battery reaches storage voltage and then goes into an ultra-low leakage current so the unit can be left for long time without over-discharging the battery. Just plug in and leave it alone.


Working Voltage: 7.9 - 26V (2S-6S)

Discharging Power: 1W

Turn-off Current: < 10uA

Storage Voltage: 3.85V±0.08V / cell

Connector: XT60

Weight: 8g

Size (L x W x H): 37 x 16 x 10 mm(XT60)

Package Included:

1x StoreSafe

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VIFLY StoreSafe - Smart LiPo Battery Discharger (XT60)

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