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Operating Voltage: 5V

Working Current: MAX~87mA(5V)

Bluetooth Low Energy: Supports

WiFi Supports: It will be turned on automatically only when upgrading the firmware of the module itself.

Communication Port: UART

Baudrate: 115200

Bluetooth Automatically Turns Off

  • Enabled by default, the module will automatically detect the armed/ disarmed status of the FC. During the flight of the drone, the Bluetooth function will be disabled to prevent other wireless devices from being interfered by the Bluetooth signal.

BT Switch Pad

  • The Bluetooth function will be disabled when it receives a Low signal.In the BT Switch section of the manual, you can learn about the detailed instructions

Power Indicator: Solid Red: Indicates that the module is powered.

Working Status Indicator

  • Flashing white: Indicates that the UART communication with FC is abnormal, please check whether the wiring and settings are correct.
  • Solid White: Indicates that the communication with FC is normal, you can use the App for wireless parameter adjustment
  • Flashing green: Indicates that the wireless signal is being connected
  • Solid Green: Indicates that the connection with the App has been successful

Size: 14*11*0.8mm


Package Included:

2x BT Nano 3

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SpeedyBee BT Nano 3 FC Configuration (2pcs)

  • Ražotājs: RunCam
  • Produkta kods: Nano 3
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