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  • Tiny's RaceLiteWire Mini LEDs (2-Pack)

This is a 2 pack of RaceLiteWires

These are integrated Racewire and Racelites.

These can be installed in any direction.

There are pads to Allow you to wire up additional Racelites to the bottom of your Arms. Use the pads labeled "1,2,3" and wire them to the same pads on the second Racelite. You must insulate the bottom of the boards.


Dimensions: 8 x 25 mm

Voltage: 3-6s

Package included:

2x RaceLiteWire

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Tiny's RaceLiteWire Mini LEDs (2-Pack)

  • Ražotājs: TinysLEDs
  • Produkta kods: RaceLiteWire Mini LED
  • Pieejamība: Izpārdots
  • 2.90€

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