Note:Because STM32F722 heat large ,please leave at least 5mm interspace at both sides of the FC with nothing covered to make sure a good air circulation.


  • Add I2C function
  • When you connect the USB, the receiver and OSD settings can be saved
  • Increase the pad area
  • LED signal selection (when Mamba Led sys avaiable)
  • BEC short circuit protection
  • TVS instant high voltage protection 30V


  • Upgrade the anti-interference cable
  • Use Typec(Most)
  • The pad area of the Mini flight controller (20×20) increased by 140%


  • Add self-recovery insurance to the receiver's 5V power supply.
  • Increase the camera VCC power supply pad.
  • The standard flight controller (30.5×30.5) adds a spare pad.
  • Gyro uses an independent Low Dropout Regulator (Low Dropout Regulator) and reduces ripple interference.

FC Specification:

MCU: 216MHz STM32F722RET6

IMU: MPU6000

Barometer: Yes

OSD: Yes

Blackbox: 16M Flash Memory

Uarts: 6 Set

ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200

ESC Telemetry: Yes

Power Led: Yes

LED Controller:BF LED

F.Port: Yes


Buzz: Yes

Input: 2~6S Lipo (8.4~25.2V)

TVS Protection: Yes

BEC:3.3V 0.5A&5V 2.5A


Package included:

1x MAMBA F722 FC

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Diatone Mamba Basic F722 Mini MK3 FC M2/20MM

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  • Produkta kods: F722 Mini MK3
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  • 59.90€

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